Using SpermCheck Vasectomy

How it Works

SpermCheck Vasectomy is the first and only at-home post-vasectomy test for sperm count. It’s accurate, fast, and easy to use. Detailed instructions are included with each test kit and each step is explained clearly. SEE FULL INSTRUCTIONS

Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Read the instruction pamphlet and get familiar with kit contents
  2. Collect a semen sample and perform the test
  3. Read the result

When to test

The SpermCheck Vasectomy Kit contains everything you need to perform two (2) tests. You should follow your clinician’s instructions about how long to wait after your vasectomy before performing the tests. The usual recommendation is to perform 2 tests within 2-4 months following the procedure, and then once a year thereafter.

The results of both tests should be negative. If they are not both negative, then test again with another SpermCheck Vasectomy kit until you receive two consecutive negative results.

Reading Test Results is Simple


If you see both a Control Line (marked as “C” on the SpermCheck Device) and a Test Line (marked as “T”), your sperm count is at least 250,000 per milliliter, which is considered high, and other forms of birth control should still be used to prevent pregnancy.


If you see a Control Line (marked as “C” on the Sperm Device) but not a Test Line (marked as “T”), your sperm count is less than 250,000 per milliliter, which is low enough for you to have extremely low or no risk of bringing about a pregnancy.


If you do not see a control line (marked as “C” on the SpermCheck Vasectomy device), the test cannot be interpreted and you should test again with another SpermCheck Vasectomy device.

Questions about how to use the Test?

If you’re not sure how to perform the test, how to read the result, or if you don’t understand the meaning and possible consequences of your test result, you’re welcome to speak with our healthcare provider or you can contact Customer Service at (866) 635-2308 during business hours (M-F, 8am to 5pm Eastern) or email [email protected] anytime.