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For Physicians

Equip your patients after their vasectomies with at-home sperm testing.

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For Physicians

Equip your patients after their vasectomies with at-home sperm testing.

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SpermCheck is an easy at-home sperm count test for patients after vasectomy.

Less than 30% of vasectomy patients follow up 3 months after their vasectomies.1

When so few patients come back to their physicians, it can be challenging to make sure your patients have the care and answers they need after their vasectomies.

While vasectomy failures are rare, it’s important for patients to stay informed about their sperm levels, especially in the first few post-vasectomy months.

Why SpermCheck?

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Save Time

Reduce the time patients need to be in the office by providing them with convenient at-home testing.

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Simplify Follow-Ups

Patients can purchase the test directly from SpermCheck, and we’ll report their results directly to you.

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Increase Patient Compliance

Increase patient post-vasectomy compliance to more than 80%.2

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How It Works

  • Similar to a pregnancy test, the SpermCheck test uses colored lines to indicate sperm levels.
  • A semen sample is placed in the solution bottle, and the patient mixes these two together.
  • Drops of the mixture are placed in the testing device, which measures the sperm count level in the sample. This process of sperm detection uses a protein found exclusively in the head of mature sperm.
  • If the sperm count is under or over 250,000 per milliliter, patients will receive a “Low” or “High” test result, respectively.

Ready to improve patient compliance?

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Submit the interest form to learn more about how SpermCheck can help improve patient compliance.

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Get Free Brochures

We’ll provide you with free brochures you can offer to your patients. Patients can use the form to order the test themselves, and we’ll report the results directly to you.

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Equip Your Patients

Help your patients get equipped with results after their vasectomies so they can move forward with confidence.

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Why use SpermCheck as your sperm count test?

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Recommended by Urologists

Urologist-recommended for checking sperm count.

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SpermCheck Fertility and SpermCheck Vasectomy are both cleared by the FDA.

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Over 100,000 Tests Sold

We’ve helped many families check fertility in the comfort of home.

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98% Accuracy

Detects the levels of SP-10, a protein only present in sperm.

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