Simplify Post-Vasectomy Compliance.

Home Testing Program

The industry average for post-vasectomy compliance is 50%, and only 36% of patients return to their clinician for the recommended two-test checkup.

The SpermCheck Vasectomy Home Test can increase post-vasectomy compliance to greater than 80%!

How the Home Testing Program works:

  • Order our free Customer Take-Home Brochures ( just fill out the form below)
  • Introduce your patient to SpermCheck and give them our Take-Home Brochures
  • Patient purchases the kit does the test at home
  • We report results directly to you

We send test reminders directly to your patients to optimize compliance. We do the hard work for you!

Free Customer Take-Home Brochures:

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STOP: Free brochures are for clinicians only. If you are a post-vasectomy patient, you can order your SpermCheck Vasectomy kit here.