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Boxers vs. Briefs – Which is Better for Your Sperm Count?

By August 17, 2012December 26th, 2019No Comments
Boxers are more comfortable. But briefs look better. The debate between boxers or briefs has been in debate by men – and women – for as long as the two options have been available. Is there anything more to this debate than aesthetics and personal comfort? Is there a chance that this question is anything more than skin deep?

Boxers Can Increase Sperm Count



  • More comfort
  • Less restrictive
  • Look better on slightly overweight men
  • Keep testes away from the body
  • Can bunch under clothing
  • Don’t adapt well to humidity




  • Fit better with tight clothes
  • Look better on men with toned physique
  • Can feel restrictive
  • Compress the testes close to the body


Verdict? While briefs or boxer-briefs might look a bit more fashionable, they also compress the testes close to the body. Understandably, this is not an ideal scenario for sperm production. But maybe not for the reasons you would think.

In fact, it isn’t the compression, but the temperature that has an impact on sperm counts. The testes need to be a few degrees lower than the core body temperature – as evidenced by their external anatomical position. Brief and boxer-brief style underwear pushes them up closer to the body, raising their temperature. This can have a negative impact on male fertility.

How Long Term are the Effects? It can take up to 3 months for healthy sperm to be produced, so even if you just made the switch from briefs to boxers, you could still have a while to wait before you see an increase in sperm count and overall fertility.

So if you’re trying to look cool – wear briefs.

If you’re trying to get pregnant – stick to boxers.

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