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Charlottesville Based Fertility Company Eyes Expansion

By October 14, 2015December 26th, 2019No Comments

More men and women around the world are getting some over-the-counter fertility help thanks to a Charlottesville based company.

SpermCheck is like a pregnancy test for men, measuring sperm count.

“It’s really helping couples going through the difficulty of trying for a pregnancy that’s not occurring. It’s making it much easier to test a man, he can test at home. A lot of them are reluctant to go to doctors in general, especially with fertility issues,” said Ed Leary, SpermCheck CFO and president.

The product first became available for purchase in the United States in 2012. Now, the company says it is expanding its US distribution to stores like Target and starting new deals in Europe and Australia.

SpermCheck says its next targets for distribution are Brazil and China.

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Source: NBC29

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