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Spermcheck® Fertility major expansion into U.S. pharmacy stores

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Charlottesville, VA, October 2014 – Infertility affects nearly 7 million couples every year in the U.S. Yet very few people know that up to 50% of conception issues are directly related to the male and most of those issues are due to low sperm count. Now there’s an easy way to check sperm count at home – with SpermCheck® Fertility – an FDA-approved at-home screening test that determines with 98% accuracy whether a man has normal or low sperm count. Results are available in 10 minutes and can save the man a trip to the doctor’s office or lab to provide a semen sample.

Now, this innovative product is available at U.S. retail pharmacy stores nationwide! 

Pharmacy stores are transforming and becoming more of a health care provider than purely a retail business, from minute clinics providing such services as vaccinations to health advice from pharmacists. Offering SpermCheck® Fertility is consistent with providing customers with novel health care choices and solutions.

Found on the family planning shelf next to home tests for female fertility like pregnancy and ovulation, SpermCheck® Fertility is equalizing the options for couples as they seek to identify possible causes of infertility. “Now there is something for the male half of the equation,” says Ray Lopez, CEO of SpermCheck®. “The tests use the same principles and are as simple to perform as a home pregnancy test. “With the high incidence of infertility coupled with reports of declining sperm counts globally and a low incidence of male testing, couples may now obtain crucial information on male fertility status in privacy at home. SpermCheck® Fertility is over 98% accurate, as reliable as a lab test, convenient and much less expensive than a visit to the doctor.”

The test was developed by Dr. John Herr, Ph.D., director of the Center for Research in Contraceptive and Reproductive Health at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, based on the discovery of a patented protein found exclusively in the head of mature sperm. This biomarker protein is a signature for the presence of sperm.

With the success of the product in the U.S., ContraVac, Inc., doing business as SpermCheck®, launched SpermCheck® Fertility in Boots pharmacies across the United Kingdom in October 2013. Boots is Europe’s leading retail pharmacy chain.

SpermCheck® Fertility is currently available in the U.S. at Walgreens, Meijer, Rite Aid and CVS stores nationwide and online, as well as on the company website. Suggested retail price is $39.99. Visit

SpermCheck® also manufactures SpermCheck® Vasectomy, a home test for post-vasectomy semen screening.


SpermCheck® Fertility is manufactured in Monmouth Junction, NJ by Princeton BioMeditech Corporation, a leader in rapid diagnostic development.

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