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The Male Fertility Check Up (Part Four)

By January 24, 2013December 26th, 2019No Comments

Dealing with Male Fertility Problems

So your SpermCheck test suggested that you need to see a urologist and you did everything that is a part of the Male Fertility Check Up! Now what? It’s time for the results.

Simple Solutions to Male Fertility Problems

The phone rings, and the doctor wants to see you both for a consult. The results are in, anxiety producing? You bet. Don’t forget though, that there’s a distinct possibility that you’re just fine as in “there’s nothing wrong”. You could help improve semen by taking antioxidants and nutritional supplements containing amino acids. You could stop smoking and cut down on the beer.

More Complex Male Fertility Problems

The second possibility is that the test indicates a male factor fertility issue. That is not the same as being unable to produce a biological child. There are treatments and therapies that can help correct, overcome and circumvent even the most severe problems.

Male Fertility Check Up | Male Fertility ProblemsIf your hormones are too low, there are ways to boost the levels. If there’s an obstruction of the delicate male ducts, there are sophisticated, overwhelmingly successful micro surgical repairs. Vasectomy reversals, too, have been vastly improved. Even for men with no sperm in their semen, or those born without a vas deferens, male reproductive specialists can, in many cases, now extract sperm from within the testicles.

Using the most significant treatment advances for male factor infertility, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), men who a decade ago couldn’t dream of producing a child now can. As long as there are even a few viable sperm doctors can get to, it is possible create an embryo by injecting just one sperm into an egg, fertilizing it in vitro, and implanting it in the woman’s body. It means that in cases that were once deemed beyond help there is an effective treatment modality.

Hope for Male Fertility Problems

What we’re talking about here is possibility and hope. We’re talking about compassion between partners and an understanding physician. Because good medicine demands it and treatment success depends on it, evaluation of both the man and the woman is absolutely fundamental. Correctable causes of infertility can be identified and life-threatening conditions uncovered. Your best chance to conceive the child you want is a comprehensive and carefully coordinated approach. And it can all begin with an over the counter semen analysis kit! How simple is that?

Pamela Madsen

Pamela Madsen - Fertility Advocate Pamela Madsen was the first Executive Director of RESOLVE NYC and is the Founder of The American Fertility Association. Pamela is an internationally known fertility advocate who has appeared on Oprah and countless other major media outlets. Currently, Pamela is a fertility coach and publisher of The Fertility Advocate. She is also a blogger for Psychology Today and SpermCheck Fertility.
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