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How to Skip the Embarrassing Vasectomy Recheck

By June 28, 2016January 30th, 2023No Comments

vasectomy follow up

We get it, vasectomies aren’t the most popular topic with men. Guys will discuss anything before talking about sterilization.

Well, unless you’re Dax Shepard. The actor was upfront and personal on Jimmy Kimmel Live recently, sharing his vasectomy tale.

Not only did he discuss the procedure, but he also detailed the follow-up semen sample he had to supply to the doctor. The doctor’s office didn’t have a private area for Dax to “service” himself, so he had to bring a sample to the office.

Because of the actor’s busy schedule, he had only 15 minutes to “procure” the sample before his appointment. And he had to do it during his drive to the doctor’s office, capturing his sample in a mason jar while navigating Los Angeles traffic.

And you thought texting while driving was dangerous.

Though Dax’s vasectomy adventure is a bit outlandish, it highlights a common problem for men—the awkwardness and inconvenience of providing a post-vasectomy semen sample.


A vasectomy is a common procedure that approximately half a million men undergo each year. It’s one of the most effective methods of birth control.

The operation involves severing the man’s vas deferens so sperm can’t travel to the semen for ejaculation. Vasectomy options include scalpel surgery, where the scrotum is cut to perform the operation, and no-scalpel vasectomy, where a special device makes a small puncture in the scrotum. No-scalpel vasectomies are minimally invasive and don’t require stitches.

The procedure takes 20-30 minutes with either option. Vasectomy recovery generally is 2-3 days of resting and icing the affected area.

That’s the easy part. Most men are uneasy with what comes next.


Sperm can live in the vas deferens for months after a vasectomy, that’s why it’s important to temporarily use another form of birth control to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. It typically takes 20-25 ejaculations (about three months) to flush the sperm out the system.

Then comes the dreaded semen analysis.

Doctors require a semen sample after the three-month period to make sure the surgery was successful, and there are no motile sperm available for ejaculation. Guys aren’t big fans of supplying samples during the doc’s office hours. Studies show that nearly 50% of men never go in for the follow-up test.

The good news is you can avoid the embarrassment of supplying a sample in an office—or en route to the office like Dax—with SpermCheck Vasectomy, an FDA-approved home test kit. No mason jar required.

The kit comes with two tests, and you get results within 10 minutes.

Not everyone is comfortable announcing their vasectomy on late-night TV like Dax. And it’s evident guys aren’t up for masturbating at the follow-up doctor’s visit either. Getting snipped is a private matter. Testing your sperm can be private as well.

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